Beginners guide for Rajmachi trek

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Rajmachi is one of the most famous treks in the Sahyadri Mountains. The beautiful trail is one of the people’s favorite destinations for every trekker, especially for beginners. The Rajmachi Fort, the end of the course, stands at a great height of almost 2750 feet overlooking the Bhorghat Pass; it is highly believed that it is one of the most important old trade routes Maratha Empire.

Trek to Rajmachi is the most convenient and is also considered to be very easy. The altitude is not very high, and the track is also well marked, and that is why one can trek even without a guide. Trekking during monsoon is most adventurous and challenging as the paths become slippery. Udhewadi is considered as the base of Rajmachi fort trek.

There are most probably two routes to reach the Rajmachi, the first is from Tungarli near Lonavala, and the other is from Kondivade village, Karjat route. The course, from Tungarli, is longer and it will take about six hours to reach Rajmachi. Via the Karjat route, one can get Rajmachi in about five hours. There is approximately one hour of the time difference between the pursuance of the streets. People might take the Kharvandi village route, which is the shortest, prefer the Kondana route and visit the Buddhist caves.

It is highly believed that the Shivaji built the Rajmachi fort in the 17th century. The twin forts “Manaranjan” and “Shrivardhan” are equally mysterious. People must visit the Bhairavnath Temple, Mahadev Temple & Rajmachi Lake. Rajmachi is the most well-known destination for trekking. A damaged piece of forts, waterfalls, temples, and ancient Buddhist caves inspires the trekker to trek through the deep forests.

People enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the green-coated Sahyadri with the Rajmachi Trek. The perfect get-away for a weekend, they spend time in the fresh air of the mountains and return home revitalized.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort from Mumbai and Pune?

Rajmachi Fort is nestled somewhere in the routes of Mumbai Pune. From Mumbai, one can take public transports such as trains going towards Pune and can reach Karjat. From Shree Ram Bridge, Karjat, one can share auto to get to Kondhane village. Experts start trekking from the town. On the way, there are these beautiful Kondhane Caves.

One can use their private vehicles such as cars to drive to the base village Udhewadi, excluding the rainy season as the road conditions become worst. Some cars can manage to go only up-to Fanasrai, from where Udhewadi is more than 6.2 kilometers away. Taxis are available for Fanasrai from Lonavala railway station in the monsoon season. From Fanasrai, it would take around 4 hours to reach the base village.

The difficulty level of Rajmachi Fort Trek

People rate Rajmachi Fort Trek as a medium level trek. If a person is a beginner, he would suggest starting the walk from base village Udhewadi. Experienced trekkers may start trekking from Kondhane caves or Tungarli Lake. The base village path is marked, and it generally takes around an hour to reach the top. Also, the “n” number of shelters all along the way helps to get energized. During the monsoons, trekking becomes more difficult as the tracks become slippery.

Places must visit at Rajmachi Fort.

Rajmachi Fort has two broadly fortified peaks, naming “Shrivardhan” and “Manaranjan,” with a broad upland separating the two extremes. The fort also has few temples, water basins, caves, fortifications, and the ruins of fortification. The top structure is magnificent, and the journey to reach the top is also imposing.

Shirota Lake

Shirota Lake is a beautiful lake which is a few meters away from the base village Udhewadi. Searching the route of this lake is a challenging task. It is recommended to search for Valvand village road on Google maps, after reaching the right side road. After few meters on that road, there would be a road-going up-hill on the right-hand side. From there, people prefer walking towards the lake using blue dot on GPS.

Fireflies at Rajmachi Fort Trek

Everybody loves fireflies; they just look like pixy dust flying everywhere. Everybody has seen fireflies in their lives but looking at them in a large number in a smaller place is just amazing; on the way to Rajmachi Fort, in the last few days of May and the first few days of June, one can see fireflies which are concentrated to a specific number of trees. 

Kataldhar waterfall Trek 

One should never miss doing the Kataldhar waterfall Trek, which lies in the same region. The waterfall trek leaves people stunned.

Stay and food options at Rajmachi Fort.

Generally, the fort can be covered on a day trip from Mumbai or Pune, but people looking for camping can pitch a tent at the Kal Bhairavnath Temple, which is near the base of the fort. Tents are available for rent. The local people also offer home-stays; people can stay in their homes if they are not comfortable camping. If one gets too tired to come down to the base, they can take shelter in the caves. Setting up tents at the top might be difficult due to high-speed winds, which exists almost for the entire day. The locals cook food for people if informed in advance. One should try the Pithla Bhakri – a traditional Maharashtra food.


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