Unique scholarship program your child can avail of at GIIS Pune

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A scholarship is a financial aid awarded to a student for the sole purpose of funding their education. Education is expensive, and for this reason, many organizations seek to sponsor needy students to access primary education. A scholarship can either be a full scholarship or a partial scholarship. The maximum scholarship caters to the total amount of the student school fees, while the partial scholarship covers a fraction of the required school fees. Scholarships are awarded in various fields, including sports, academics, or art.

The Global School Foundation recognizes talented young sportspersons and offers them support through availing global sports scholarships. The Global Sports Scholarship is a three-year scholarship awarded to deserving students who excel in sports activities and applies to learners in grades 1-10. To apply for the sports scholarship, a learner should consider the following;

1.       Eligibility

For a student to apply for the scholarship, they have to make sure that they are eligible for the scholarship. One has to meet all the required requirements. For instance, the Global Sports Scholarship requires that every applicant be an Indian citizen. Therefore, you should be Indian to apply. Also, ensure that you meet the academic qualifications and the sports excellence required. Applying for a scholarship you are not eligible for guarantees immediate dismissal.

2.       Required Documents

Ensure that you keenly check the documents you ought to attach before submitting your application. You should attach all the necessary documents as failing to do so will guarantee your application’s dismissal. Some of the documents you should attach while applying for the global sports scholarship include proof of your academic records for the past two years and evidence of the family’s financial income, to mention a few.

3.       Deadlines

Ensure that you submit your application form before the stated deadlineThe following are the extraordinary scholarships programs your child can avail of in GIIS Pune

· The GIIS Global Sports Scholarship in Pune

· Global Citizen Scholarship

· 9Gems Holistic Development Scholarship in Pune

· Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship in Pune  

· Mahatma Gandhi Universal Value Merit-cum-means Scholarship in Pune

· Global Future-ready Merit Scholarship

The GIIS sports scholarships are essential because they;

1.       Help to Nurture Talents

A sports scholarship helps to identify young talents and nurture them to produce excellent sportspersons. The learner gets to train under a professional and competent coach who guides the learner into becoming a one-of-a-kind sportsperson. Through promoting a student’s talent, they can gain expertise even to make sporting a lifelong profession.

2.       Help learners access quality education

Sports scholarship sponsors a learner’s education in reputable schools such as the Global Indian International School in Pune, where the learner accesses primary education under competent and qualified teachers’ guidance. Enrolling in quality schools and gaining quality education opens more doors for the learner as they are not limited to sports. One can choose a career path of their choice.

Students in Pune should familiarize themselves with these tremendous available scholarships and apply for those they qualify for.

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