Water Purification System- Process And Importance

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A water purification system is one of the best technologies used to eliminate the contamination present in the water. It was previously done by boiling, but the water pollutant becomes rigid as the year passes. It can not leave the water until the advanced water purification technology treats it.

In India, drinking water quality is heavily contaminated. It can not be consumed until it is adequately treated because contaminated water consumption leads to various health issues. In a year every year, many people lose their lives due to waterborne diseases. Thus if you are concerned about your and your family’s health, then the water purification system may help you.

Water is one of the natural solvents, and due to which water becomes home to several kinds of disease-causing pathogen, these impurities can cause disease in the people. But thanks to the water purification system, which punishes the degradation from the water and makes it safe for human consumption.

Water Purification Process

The water purification process is mainly based on three steps, which are listed below.

●      Primary Treatment: The immediate treatment is used to eliminate the physical contamination present in the water. This process is mainly done by screening, Multi-media filtration, and many others.

● Secondary Treatment- This process is used to eliminate the suspended solids present in water using a biological process

●      Tertiary Treatment: This is the final process used in the water purification system to eliminate the remaining contamination present in water.

Importance Of Water Purification System

Our elders and various medical professionals recommend us to drink sufficient water regularly so that proper hydration can be maintained. The human body contains about 65% of the water in its body, and even a loss of 1% of water leads to dehydration. And prolong dehydration leads to serious health issues.

But in India, the drinking water is inferior and can not be consumed directly until it gets treated properly. And for this, you need to have a correctly working water purification system. There are various kinds of water purification systems in India. Thus wisely choose your water purification. You can also contact the Aquaguard customer care store in your area to get the best deal on the water purification system.

Aquaguard manufactures various kinds of water purification systems in India. All of them are based on advance and modern water purification technology, thus having an Aquaguard water purification system at your home to ensure that you will get the best and contamination-free water for drinking and other purposes. Hence contact Aquaguard customer care & get the best water purification system for drinking pure water.


Needs for water purification has increased tremendously in India as water pollution has crossed the hazardous level. Thus consumption of heavily contaminated water may cause severe health issues in you. Although not all people, who survive from waterborne diseases, lost their lives, recovery weakens the immune system.

Having a weak immune system makes people prone to various sicknesses as the immune system protects humans from a foreign invader. Thus always makes sure to drinking contamination-free water all the time you wish to drink water.

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